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Directions for the MiterSet for Segments

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

The Miter Set for Segments Description. The mss is made from a block of aluminum approximately six inches by six inches. It has a miter slot down the middle of the block that runs from top to bottom. You can tell the bottom because it has the most b

Making push blocks

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

Push Blocks for Safety and Accuracy The Push Stick. A push stick usually resembles the handle of a paint brush with a small notch cut in the bottom edge where the bristles of the brush would start. The notch is small about a quarter of an inch up

Adjustable kerf crosscut jig

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

The usual crosscut sled is only suitable for one blade, that is the blade that cut the original kerf in the sled after it was completed. This sled is different in that the width of the kerf slot is adjustable. It can be set down for a thin kerf blade or w

Blade Guard for the Band Saw

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

Hey all: I have constructed a blade guard for my band saw. This guard will allow a blind person to cut curves free hand. It opens up a hole new world of possibility's. I don't have the words to describe how I feel. This has been a long time coming. It is

Box Joint Jig

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

An intrusting Box / Finger joint Sled. Make this sled for cutting accurate finger / box joints on your table saw. Dedicated Sled Delivers Perfect Finger Joints by Dennis Tehi Copyright Fine Wood Working Magazine Most tablesaw jigs for cutting

Disk sander hole alignment jig

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

If you have an Orbital / DA disk sander with a round pad with holes in it, you know how frustrating and time consuming it can be getting the holes in the sanding disc to match the holes in the pad on the sander. Here is a little quick and easy jig to

Drill Guide for Super-Straight Holes

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

How do you drill a perfectly straight and accurate hole using a handheld drill? You use a jig. Recently, while building a Shaker writing table, I needed to drill dowel holes in the front faces of my table's legs, after the table was fully assembled. I

Jig Saw Template Guide

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

Here's a translation of a Woodsmith e-mail tip. The jigsaw template guide consists of a quarter-inch thick plywood base sized to fit the base plate of a hand-held jigsaw. Two runners or ledgers or edge grips are attached atop the edges of the base to

Keith Melic Clever Small box jig

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

The Keith Melic Small Box Jig is a small dedicated table saw crosscut sled. The jig consists of 7 parts. The sled base sits atop two wood runners that fit in the table saw’s two miter gauge slots. A small stop is mounted to the outside of the righ

Make your own feather board

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

Making Your Own Feather Board To begin making a featherboard, cut a clean piece of 3/4" stock (I prefer to use a scrap of 1x6, preferably from stock with less sap than pine) anywhere between 12-18" in length by 5-6" in width. In this example, we'll cut