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Woodworking for the Blind

Summer Work shop 2013

There were 9 participants this year and 10 in the photo.
From left to right, the names are Larry Martin, Max Robinson from Bowling Green KY in red jacket , Dan Rossi from Pittsburgh, Dale Leavens from Cochrane, Ontario, Darrel Vickers from Washington MO peeking out from the back, Jim Nordquist from St. Paul, John Sherrer from Winston-Salem NC, Dennis Raher from Kalamazoo, DSale Alton from Denver and Gary Patterson from Des Moines.

We had a great week of woodworking this year and jim nordquist summerised it well with the following.
"Just got back home from a great week in Chicago with a box of things I made and some that I didn't make.
I made a turned pen of olive wood, a dowel, a bowl, and two screwdrivers. I cut veneer and applied it. (I made a minor blunder on the first screwdriver and was given a do over opportunity.) Things I didn't make, but was given, were a jig for cutting mortises, a jig for cutting tenons, a jig for cutting bridle joints, jigs and a cutter for inlaying bandings, and a push block. I may be forgetting something....
We had great food and great beer in the most excellent setting of Larry's garage and deck. On Friday we had five turning lathes with five instructors. Awesome. We were all covered in wood shavings at the end of the day.
It was a good week of woodworking. I learned new things every day.
Thank you Larry!"

Link to workshop photo gallery as recorded by DaveWaycie

Video of wood turning day as captured by DR Scott Barett president of Chicago Wood Turners