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all things woodworking

Rockler Supply Company

Rockler Supply

all things woodworking.

Peach Tree

peachtree woodworking

Good source for woodworking products. Especially dust colection

MLCS Woodworking


Great place for router bits and supplies. Free shipping in the lower 48

Lee Valley

Lee Valley

This is a Canadian company where you can find products you may not find else where. Excelent to do business with

Woodworkers Shop

woodworkers shop

This is klingspor's retail web site. An excellent place to buy abrasives.

Penn State Industries

Penn State

Excelent source for wood turning supplies including project kits

Charles Neil Woodworking

CN Woodworking

Charles Neil is a friend of WW4B and has some great instructional materials as well as a great blotch preventer.

Cobolt Talking Tape Measure


This is the company that makes the talking tape measure. They are in the UK but even with the exchange rates they are cheaper to buy from, than other suppliers in the US. Colbolt Systems The Old Mill House Mill Road Reedham, Norwich NorfolkNR13 3TL England

Community Advocates, Inc.

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CLICK RULE & METRIC CLICK RULE The Click Rule and Metric Click Rule are tactile and auditory measuring devices designed for individuals who are blind or have low vision. They allow for quick measurements of wood and tool setups as well as for general use The Click Rule measures up to 12 inches and is accurate to 1/16 of an inch. It measures outside and inside dimensions as well as depths of holes 3/8 inches in diameter and larger. The Metric Click Rule measures up to 20 millimeters with accurate measurements of one millimeter. The Click rule comes with three extensions allowing measurements up to four feet, and the Metric Click Rule comes with four extensions allowing measurement up to one meter. It is made from quality material and is plated to prevent rust. OPTIONS: Additional extensions are available for either rule. Community Advocates, Inc. P.O. Box 83304 Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 United States Telephone: 402-486-3091. TT: 402-486-3091.

The Miter Set


Miter Set Standard $69.95 Now you can combine MiterSet with your standard miter gauge. MiterSet is a category of miter gauge jig that quickly and easily sets your miter gauge to precise angles for cutting perfect miter joints every time. MiterSet Standard is an aluminum plate bisected by a miter gauge slot. It has hole patterns for setting left and right angles up to 52.5°. The number pattern on each plate sector represents 5° on your miter gauge. Slide your miter gauge into the miter slot. Place one pin at 00 and the other pin in the numbered hole that represents the degree angle you want to cut - right or left. Now slide your miter gauge against the two pins and lock it down. It's that simple. Your miter gauge will now cut perfect miter joints. No gaps. No sanding. No waste! Miter Set for Segments $69.95 MiterSet Segments is a category of precision miter gauge jig used to set your miter gauge with precision angles to cut up to 20 wood segments for wood turning and glue-up projects. 