Standard Miter Set revised

The Standard Miter set is made from a block of aluminum approximately six inches by six inches. It has a miter slot down the middle of the block that runs from top to bottom. You can tell the bottom because it has the most blank space and if you run your fingers across this space you can feel some engraved writing. Also in this same area along the out side edge and about an inch from the bottom on each side is the hole for the pivot pins. They are easy to feel because there is no other holes a round them. The jig comes with two tapered steel pins. When using the jig one pin will always be in one of the pivot holes. Tip: If you put a pin in both pivot holes place your miter gage in the miter slot and slide it up against both pins this will zero out your miter gage. The face of the gage will be at a perfect ninety degrees to the miter slot. Note: Don’t be surprised if the factory stop on your miter gauge is not adjusted to this new setting.

The other holes run in a arc from top to bottom and are spaced five degrees a part. They are marked with writing but unfortunately you can't feel them. This is not a problem however because you can feel the holes. The top hole is forty five degrees and you just count down from there. If you need to set your miter gage at 45 degrees and you want the face of your gage to face to the left, move the pin on the right to the top upper most hole and leave the left pin in the pivot hole. Loosen your gage, put it in the miter slot and slide it forward until the face is against both pins and lock it. Now your ready to take it to your saw for a perfect 45 degree cut.

If you want a 35 degree miter count down from the top 3 holes. This will be 35 degrees. Very simple!

Of course, sometimes you will need more accuracy than 5 degrees. The Miter Set comes with a metal bar with small detents on each end for accuracy to one half degree. We will not go into it here because it will not make sense until you have one.

This little jig is so great. No digital read outs we can't read and it's tactile. This is a must have for your shop. To purchase the Miter Set:Standard Miter Set There is also a Miter Set for segments. See the article Miter Set for segments for more information. Each is $69.00 by Darrel Vickers