Making a corner molding from a dowel

Here is a tip I picked up on. Most of you probably already know. I was commissioned to build a clock. The plan called for the sides to be joined to the front with miter joints. My joints did not come out like they were supposed to. I decided to add a corner molding but I could not decide how to do it. I decided to use some dowel material and stain it to the color I needed. Here is the problem I faced. How to cut a ninety degree groove down the length, keeping it straight and do it safely.

Here is the answer I came up with. First I found a piece of clean, straight 2x4. I installed a 45 degree V groove bit in my table router. Then I estimated the centerline of the two by four as it was on the narrow edge. I moved the fence up to the 2x4 and made shallow passes along the length.

Note: From here on, do not move the fence, this is critical. I marked the side of the 2x4 that was against the fence so I made sure to place it the same way each time. I was using a 7/16 dowel so I checked the depth of the groove. I adjusted the depth of cut until the dowel did not protrude from the groove. Now I used some hot glue to secure it in the groove. A spot here and there is plenty.

Now lower the bit until it barely touches the dowel and remember to put the proper side of the 2x4 to the fence. Continue raising the bit checking after each pass until you get the groove to the depth you want.

Carefully remove the dowel and you have a beautiful corner molding and did it safely.

by Michael Smith