Make your own feather board

Making Your Own Feather Board To begin making a featherboard, cut a clean piece of 3/4" stock (I prefer to use a scrap of 1x6, preferably from stock with less sap than pine) anywhere between 12-18" in length by 5-6" in width. In this example, we'll cut the stock down to 12" x 5" dimensions. Next cut a 30 degree angle at one end of the board. Next make a stop line Using a bevel set to 30-degrees; mark a line three inches in from the mitered end of the board, parallel to the 30-degree mitered cut. This will serve as the stop line while cutting the fingers of the featherboard with the table saw. To make the cuts Set the fence of the table saw 1/4" from the blade. Place the long side of the board firmly against the fence (and flat on the table) and run the board through the saw until you reach the stop line. Next, carefully retract the board until it safely clears the blade. With the stock and your hands clear of the blade, move the fence an additional 3/8" away from the blade and make another cut, parallel to the first and again up to the stop line. To be safe, the saw should always be turned off while adjusting the fence. To make this easier for those who cannot see. Clamp a thin stop block on your fence for the distance of the first cut. Then mark the front edge of the block with a piece of tape. Then move the block a little until the stop line is reached. For each consecutive cut move the stop block the same distance further from the tape to make the next cut.