IGaging 6inch wireless caliper

How to use the IGaging 100-800-B06 Bluetooth caliper with an IPhone .

Caliper layout:
There are 3 buttons on the IGaging Bluetooth caliper.
Two of these are on the front of the caliper. The button on the left is the mode button. This switches between imperial and metric measurements.

The button on the right is the on/off/zero button. When the caliper is off press and release will turn it on. To turn it off press and hold for 5 seconds. When the caliper is on press and release will zero the caliper measurement.

The third button which is on the top of the caliper is used to send the measurement to the IPhone after they are connected. The other use for this button is to pair and connect the caliper with the IPhone. Important, When you turn on the caliper do not press this button before 10 seconds has passed.

A. PAIRING THE CALIPER Turn on the caliper. Go into settings on the IPhone and turn on Bluetooth and swipe down to Bluetooth items. Press the button on top of the Bluetooth caliper and hold for 5 seconds to pair the caliper with the IPhone.
B. What you are looking for on the IPhone Bluetooth items Is Bluetooth keyboard. Once you find Bluetooth keyboard, double tap the Bluetooth keyboard icon on the IPhone. The IPhone should show Bluetooth key board connected. Back out of and close settings.
The caliper is now ready for use.

Tip: You can ask siri to open bluetooth.

Using the caliper with the calculator app.

C. Make sure the calculator app is closed. Go into the app switcher and make sure the calculator is completely closed. If the calculator is open you cannot connect the caliper to the calculator. Open the calculator app . Press the send button on the caliper and after 1.5 seconds the calculator should say the measurement. Each time you press the send button on the caliper it will send the measurement to the calculator.

If the caliper is inactive for 5 minutes it will shut off.

Note:After the caliper has shut down or turned off you must go through steps B and C to reconnect the IPhone calculator to the caliper.

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An 8 and 12 inch model should be out in early 2017