Blade Guard for the Band Saw

Hey all: I have constructed a blade guard for my band saw. This guard will allow a blind person to cut curves free hand. It opens up a hole new world of possibility's. I don't have the words to describe how I feel. This has been a long time coming. It is really surprising how simple it is. basically, the guard is nothing more than a piece of aluminum 2" wide, 1" tall and 1/8" thick. It is positioned centered in front of the blade. It has slots cut to allow it to move left and right about 1/4" so it can be calibrated. There is a small hole drilled at the bottom in the middle of the 2" side. This hole is used to indicate where the blade is. Before securing the guard, one positions the hole directly in front of the blade. I have equipped my Delta 14" band saw with the carter band saw guides. The saw originally came with the older guide blocks. I wanted bearing guides so I would get better resaw results. Guide blocks do not touch the blade. There is supposed to be a small gap between the guide block and the blade. This allows the blade to twist slightly. The carter guides securely pinch the blade resolving this problem. Many of the newer saws already come with the carter guides or functional equivalents. So, I'll just call them guides. The guides have 3 sets of bearings for the top and bottom guide blocks. There is a left and right bearing. These bearings work together to pinch the blade behind the curf. The last bearing is behind the left and right bearings and turned 90 degrees. This bearing runs on the back of the blade and keeps the blade from being pushed away while cutting and keeps the curf of the blade from getting into the left and right bearings. My blade guard installs in front of the left and right bearings. These bearings are held on with 5MM x 25MM cap screws. I replaced these screws with longer 40MM set screws. These screws are effectively 40MM long studs. They do have a 2.5MM Allan head on one end; but, have no head. I epoxied a nut at the 25MM point along the screw. This allowed me to secure the bearings as was done with the 25MM cap screws. Now, I have about a 11MM stud sticking toward the front of the saw. This is where my blade guard along with washers and a nut go on. There is just enough room. You would think I planned it that way or something. The indicator hole is centered in front of the blade. The outer nuts are tightened. The guide block is lowered to about a 1/16th above the piece to be curve. Personally, I have found I have the best results if I use my left pointer finger to line up the score mark and the indicator hole and guide the piece with my right hand. I was able to follow a curve with just a few tries. One has to estimate where the blade will contact the wood because the forward face of the guide is about 1/4" ahead of the blade. Once, I got the hang of it, I'm able to do quite well. I have to say that I'm pretty pumped. Hope this make since. I'll be happy to answer any questions about my band saw. Terry