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Woodworking for the Blind

ww4b Conference call recordings

This page contains recordings of WW4B conference calls where members talk about woodworking such as tools, techniques, tips and whatever else we feel like.
The latest recordings are at the top.

Techniques for following paterns with the band saw, router and jig saw Febuary 2020

following a pattern

Darrel Vickers and Dennis Walker talk about the New IGaging angle cube and other measuring devices with speech and by using the tiny Raspberry PI computer for speech output.

IGaging Angle Cube and calipers

A talk with Mike Mahoney from Mahoney Oils on January 12, 2016

cmahoney oil.mp3

The following recording covers usings patterns and templates with a band saw. Also covers tips for resawing.

Using Patterns with a bandsaw

Larry Martin talks about how to cut dove tails by hand

handcut dovetails hosted by Larry Martin

Larry Martin discusses how to make the silly little flippy car and ramp.

Disscussion on how to make Flippy cars with Larry Martin

Disscussion on how to make a baby cradle with Armondo Del gobbo

A discussion with the founder of easy wood turning tools and covers types and how to use them.

Disscussion with the founder of Easy Wood Tools

A disscussion with wooden toy maker Bill Woods June 2013 baby rattles and cars. Also covers finishing tips.

bill woods toy making june 2013.mp3

Conference call June 2012 on turning pens on a lathe hosted by Bob Kennedy along with special guest Darrel Raider former president of the Chicago Wood Turners Association.

Turning pens on a lathe

July 2010 descussion on making dove tail joints using a dovetail jig from MLCS hosted by Darrel Vickers and making finger joints on the table saw by Max Robinson.

July 2010 Dovetail and Box joint jigs and techniques

Charles Neil joined us on August 3, 2010. Charles is a great guy and world renouned woodworker. The topic was on finishing and how could he help us.

August 2010 Charles Neil on finishing

September 4, 2010 Lathe turning basics and basic lathe turning tools. Hosted by Bob Kenedy

Lathe Basics

Here is a list of recording references that new turners might want to take a look at:

Lathe Turning for furniture makers PW179. p.42 CD43 T12

Lathe turner’s basic tool kit of gouges and scrapers FWW199 p.86, CD29 T39

Woodturning – sharpening gouges FWW187 p. 100, CD10 T17

Lathe Turning Bowl gouge sharpening AW 123 p.78, CD7 T30

Scrapers—the lathe turners best friend FWW208, p.72, CD43 T30

Spindle roughing gouge for lathe turning AW142, p.30, CD39 T25

Turning a simple elm bowl WW111, CD28 T19

Skew planing in turning AW133 p. 30, CD23 T43

Woodturning – sharpening gouges FWW187 p. 100, CD10 T17

Lathe Turning Bowl gouge sharpening AW123 p. 68, CD7 T29

Bowl-gouge sharpening jigs AW123 p. 10, CD7 T20

Turning with the skew chisel on a lathe AW137 p.76, CD34 T12

Easy pen fitting on a lathe AW129 p.14, CD16 T41
Provided by Larry Martin

Call on November 2010 Hosted by Louis Scrivani about hand tools and sharpening with his special guest Jole from Tools for Working Wood.

Sharpening and Other tools for working wood by Louis Scrivani and guest

Tips on chizel sharpening By Dinnis Walker dec. 10, 2010

Sharpening Chisels and other topics

Tips on sharpening chisels and hand plane blades with Louis Scrivani and his special guest Ron Hock of Hock tools. We want to thank Ron very much for taking the time to do this in 2010.

Sharpening chissels and Hand Planes with Ron Hock

iscussion about the Carve Write router CNC machine Hosted by Dennis Walker in August 2011
Note: There is a few seconds pause before the recording starts.

Carve Write CNC